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Tell Me Why

Tell me why we judge our brothers

by appearance rather than their spirits.

Tell me why we forget all about

the lives forgotten and lost to the ages.

Tell me why we bleed from our hearts

and destroy ourselves when we lose a dear friend.

Tell me why my mind always leaves

when the girl I love looks straight through me.

Tell me why our nations collide

to wage war and destroy so they can make peace.

Tell me why those who love will cry

for those who hate and laugh right back.

Tell me why we lust for dominion

to alter and control the balance of life.

Tell me why on instinct I save you

and in conscious choice I save myself.

Tell me why when she touches me

my head shuts down and my heart feels free.

Tell me how God creates the world,

yet fails to talk man to man with me.

Tell me why in fields of dreams

we lose sense of time like void in space.

Tell me why in limited days

we resolve in war and not with peace.

Tell me why I would give my life

to replace the death for someone I love.

Tell me why I didn’t need you then

but somehow I seem to need you now.


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