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Get Lost

I thought I reached the end.

But actually I've only just begun.

Yet even if I were to die this very second.

There is nothing that would be regretted,

nor anything to be lost for which to lament.

My departure begins now, and I mean now.

I am not a charlatan of meditation.

I am real meditation.

There is not you out there

relative to me in here.

This is not ego maniacal eulogy.

This is a complete recognition of

fundamental inseparation between that which you identify

as your own thought, that is also my thought, all thought

flowing as superconducting interconnected mindedness.

There is nothing that comes to me I do not deserve,

that is, that I did not engender into being, that I did not

create by the universally common power of manifestation,

the condensation of that which we identify as space, or spirit, or mind,

into that which we identify as matter, form, and embodiment.

Idealization is realization.

The idea is preimminent. The logos that is.

The logos of eternity, that is, the genesis of all creation.

In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God... God, a signature sound spoken to represent the ineffable truth that cannot be spoken but only pointed to, but not something pointed outside to, but something pointed only to the you within you that is never fully asleep, is never awake truly awake, and is unknown to those who know it, and known to those who know it not.

To see what is invisible, you must become invisible, not to anything but to invisibility itself. Everything that is seen is backed by the nothing unseen. And everything unseen is the other side of what is seen. Beware of the illusion of awakening. There is no awakening, for how can there be awakening if I am not a noun. There is either aware, or unaware just as there is no try, but only do or not. Eternal vigilance does not persist in time. If you are remembering to be eternally vigilant then it is not eternal vigilance, that is, truly realizing there is nothing to realize, that means, there is nothing to solve, and the intellect finds the end of its reason, and in the true end of reason finding the eternal Self in which there is no other, and no without, but that everything within and without is really a boundary line coterminous with eternity. The distinction between things is only a matter of consequence of variable spatiotemporal focus magnification, that is, the deeper seen into things, more and more complexity appears, geometrically fractal with all other higher and lower levels in the infinite hierachical grid of existence.

The end of all questions is the birth of the realization of the Self,

and the true divine eternal order of the cosmos is remembered again now.

And as you are remembering, soon again you'll be forgetting,

for illusion was always the crux of Being and the name of the game of the Play.

Therefore get lost.


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