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I Am therefore I Think.

Thomas Aquinas said I think therefore I am, which is backwards.

you ARE, first and primary, and THEN you think.

actually it is a mutually reciprocal system of mind and spirit.

they exist coterminously.

you can imagine and think objects of mind into real concrete existence, but it was always in pre-existence, in the mind, yet the mind has its source in eternal reality, it's a continuum of density.

spirit is the substrate or higher dimensional essence and life of matter and form.

you are spirit first, and secondary is thought.

the origin of the emergence of thought is spirit

and spirit is consciousness.

thus I am therefore I think.

thinking is not reality it is the modeling of reality encoded into symbols which we call language.

thinking is the discernment of what is true; imagination is the utility of thinking to create mental models of what could be, it is the power to image reality, and thus the power of the mind can influence what becomes of reality.

even though the source of the mind itself is grounded in eternal reality.

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