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My Heart Weeps

And my heart weeps inside of me,

when my love cries, so cold, empty,

when I am trapped, broken, un-free,

when this hole bleeds, so terribly.

I’ve not the courage to leave my thoughts,

although my mind, is filled, with screams,

they echo unbound around so loud,

locked within my freezing, arctic dream.

My heart ceases to search the scene,

when my soul resists, disturbed, unseen,

seeking a peace too sharp to reap,

ever so sickened by aches of grief.

My memory stalks, me here, unquiet,

into the fray, I submit to silence -

finding reprieve, by which, to see,

how can I awake, if not, asleep!

Having been damned, as broken beings,

your cries are mine, I hold, believing,

echoing our songs amid the beasts,

we shall find peace or else we cease.


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