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Your Hand in the Fire: Liberation from Addiction and the Infinite Nature of Mind

What if... the habits you die with, are the habits that persist; well quite obviously that is the case. Nobody understands addiction, or the reason psilocybin so powerfully destroys "addiction". It is only through the realization of eternity that the mind becomes liberated from acting compulsively from fear.

Everything changes and yet for that reason, there is no change fundamentally, for the source of change is in the changeless. Time only exists to bring density to material form. The mind in the ordinary state is a reducing valve on the flow of time. Time in strict ultimate reality is not real, for it is but the manifestation of the kind and order of mind that consciousness is animating to create the temporal plane in and of which is manifested the visible seemingly external world.

There is no difference between what is consciousness and what is called the soul. We are all one soul, one consciousness appearing and disappearing, changing its form, its aperture of mind, simultaneously and instantaneously, against the unchanging fundamental reality, a cosmic Singularity that is the source and genesis of All, which is the Real You.

The Nature of Now, if it were to be completely Seen, you'd disappear, which is the Nature of Death. This is the consequence of psilocybin upon the brain. The neurophysical correlate of the psychological "ego" is completely disabled, and the throttling valve reducing information to the senses is blown open. The mind awakens to the full input through the senses of a far greater reality that was always there but simply never perceived because the brain has been programmed to prioritize survival and profit over sensitively acute awareness of reality. By definition, this is insanity.

The connection between intelligence and vision is reciprocal. The more that is Seen, the more intelligent the mind becomes. Intelligence does not mean better survival and profit value. Those are actually the most insignificant components of what constitutes our true existence and capacity and the lowest forms of intelligence to cultivate. It should be like .1% of our base function. But in the world today, for basically everybody, it occupies our minds north of 99.9% of the time. Worrying about what to eat, money to pay for things, generally how to survive and profit the most to eventually "get" there and then what?

I think you will come to realize if you have experienced intense psychedelic trips that the ordinary mundane world and where you are in it is exactly where you wanted to be. We don't want ultimate reality. We love being in ignorance. We love to complain about our suffering. We absolutely love becoming addicted to things we know are bad for us. We love being depressed. We love the existential anxiety and dooming ourselves with pessimism over a dark world and even darker future. We love constantly playing a self-contradictory paradoxical game in which we love to pretend like we are making ourselves better for "good reasons" and doing all kinds of "self-improvement" and "one day I'll finally be happy" or "one day I will become 'spiritually liberated' and 'ascend' to a 'higher plane'".

This is the real and only addiction, namely the chronically entrenched habitual action (karma) to Not See. If you would simply See, addictions simply vanish. Not so much that they merely disappear because that implies they once appeared. No. It is that there never was an addiction, there never was an attachment, there never was any ignorance, there never was any lack in You because you have remembered Who You Are. Then and only then, you stop becoming identified as an "addict" with a "problem". It's All in the Mind. Awaken the Mind. Wake up, wake up, wake up. But it is not necessary because we love it down here on Earth. Life is a vacation from eternity.

There is no virtue in "puritanism" in the sense that striving to lead a "pure" life "free of drugs", or eating a certain way, or believing a certain way, or living by some sort of unspoken karmic code, is going to make you a "better person". The whole thing is hilarious. It's like you are sticking your hand in the fire and complaining you got burned. Well stop putting your hand in the fire genius! but it's fun. addiction becomes the addiction.

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