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Who Dies of Old Age?

i wonder how many people actually die of old age, in the world, and by country

vs whatever other terrible thing they die from

i would dare to say that most deaths are done in great suffering

what is dying of old age anyway

does it mean you simply depart in your sleep

i think that's the best way to go

and there is never a good or even biological reason that one's death should be untimely

imagine if society was such that every one got to announce when they die, and it wasn't something that you didn't know would happen

and everyone got to live to old age and simply by knowing they will be leaving soon, host a goodbye party

we really do hate each other

it's profoundly sad

because if we loved each other we would help each die other in a gentle and warm way

when it was time

but probably over 97% of deaths are premature, untimely, filled with pain and suffering and dread and all around misery for everyone connected

the measure of a sane and evolved society is the manner in which it allows people to leave

death really isn't so bad, and as terence said, has no sting in the final analysis

it's just we don't want to die in a somehow wrong, unintended, or painful way


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