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Who am I

Who am I? I shall tell you who I am not.

I belong nowhere, and can therefore go anywhere.

I am no one, and therefore can become anyone.

I belong to no religion. I belong to no community.

I give my command of will over to no ideology.

I destroy taboo and avenge lack of intelligence.

I am not chained to any wheel. I am not identifiable.

I am beyond this and that.

I give no allegiance to any philosophy.

I have no faith in anyone or the past.

Truth requires no faith, belief, or loyalty;

unknown to those professed knowing it,

and known to those unknowing it.

I am nowhere and therefore I go everywhere.

I am not a stable entity being moved by the tides of time.

I am the genesis of time itself.

I am not searchable. I cannot be found anywhere.

Where will you look, how will you know when found.

If you think you have found me, you have not found me,

you have found only intimations of me,

for as no one can as easily become anyone,

fundamentally everyone has common source in Me.

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