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Use Your Mind

do you use effort or do you use your mind

what is the nature of trying

trying is what you do when you are lacking in mind

effort is in the try

and in the effort is a lack of mind

how can you

act without acting

see without seeing

hear without hearing

listen without listening

walk without walking

sit without sitting

try without trying

mind without minding

the way

cannot be told

the way is simply known by mind

from where does the decision come

from where does the thought come

pretense is put on to claim the origin

but in fact nobody knows their own mind

the nature of which invisible to them

is visible to others by their action

not premeditated action

but also not fake unmeditated action

the middle way is not merely a concept

the true way there is no wrong way

but there is also not a righteous way

there is only the way

and once the way is known it disappears

in self disappearance the way is known

forget the effort of trying

remember intention of mind

a mirror requires no energy

to reflect with perfect accuracy

the universe will never crash below

because it doesn't hang from above

the way

requires no effort

demands no salvation

is blind to credit

is self sustained

imperturbable and eternal

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