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there is nothing to be "done"

i've got some real heavy feelings of fear right now

as if we only had days

i read a comment that it would take near extinction level event to wake up humanity again

i just feel so tense as poised in a very great suspense

there is no such thing as a public anymore than there is any such thing as news

there is only what occupies mass consciousness

that is all one consciousness

what people are paying attention to, what is influencing them to pay attention to certain things and not other things which by the focusing of millions upon a singular entity all that spiritual energy is flowing and manifesting and feeding power into and through whoever or whatever everyone is focusing on

it's completely an attention economy

and there is a closed circuit of cause and effect which is really an identical continuous and coterminous process between the source of attention paid and where it is concentrated on

this arising, that occurring

it's the same event

it's the same karma, or doing

in other words

by giving attention to war, the entertainment of war, the prospect and propagandized inevitability of war, you empower the war, you participate in the war, you are a problem not a solution to the fundamental problem of war

alan watts was right about everything

the one thing we must do is impossible. you have to pay no mind whatsoever to the war. what war? my war? no, therefore there is no war.

that is the only way

you have to realize you have just as much power as anyone at the "top". there is no top. i talk straight through directly across. i don't talk up to people nor do i talk down to people. there is only level communication. and you have a brain just like they do. "you're all monkeys"

fear is infectious you must inoculate against it through wisdom

be the wisdom that must exist now if there's to be any genuine hope of a continuation of human life on this planet

all you have to do is hold it in your own mind

there is nothing to be "done"

anyone of us can put an end to war.

you have to know that is so, not merely a belief or a wish

however at the same time is you that is doing the war

so why are we doing it?

the difference between alan watts and everybody else is he actually felt himself to be one with humanity as a whole, so when solutions are imagined it is for the collective not his illusory independent self - his mind was the mind of the whole, and only a mind of that caliber and scope could have rescued the human enterprise if it were ever to be rescued from self extinction at all by doing exactly nothing. but not just ordinary nothing. real nothing.

that was the thing about psilocybin

it's like damnit why can't i just be STILL i keep fidgeting and moving around as though i needed to do that to remember i was even alive

and then when stillness is finally there, that's when mind becomes superconducting

problems solved instantly. revelations. profound elevation and sense of instantaneous knowingness

we don't have to commit to a future because we mistakenly believe the illusion that the past MUST be remembered in order to justify a certain path into the future. we can go in any direction we like. what happened before does not have to have any connection with what goes after. this is the meaning of true forgiveness and the real potential power of will.

and that's the impossible thing that must be done and will never be done

that may be wrong though. because one is in the all and all is in the one. so it could only take one. are you either insane or awake enough to believe it so completely (but rather know IT beyond all doubt even if subject to the most terrible pain)

the war is a war of what is objective truth is what it comes down to

well i got news for you. there is no objective truth.

because truth has no objective

truth transcends subject and object

that's what it means to know without knowing, to see without seeing


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“The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,

Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit

Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,

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