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The Universal Field of Consciousness : Unleashing the Mind to Attain Gnosis

the orientation of the self as atomized versus an orientation of the self as a universal field. the mind is the compass which filters thought into the highest version of itself that it is capable. there are dimensions lower and higher that exist in the field of universal consciousness. the quality and depth and frequency of ideas that can exist must exist along this continuum of mind. what can be thought is contingent upon solely the relative position and enlightenment of the minding that is thinking.

there is no discovery without creativity. there is no creativity without a mind unleashed to expand into the higher dimensions of consciousness characterized by relative density of the field at different layers. the higher the intensity of the mind that is emanating an attractive gravitational field of knowingness, defined as by the innate desire to know, the more the ideas that are of a very high frequency, relative to the mind that is trying to reach and download them, can be realized clearly within the eye of your own mind. there is nothing that cannot be known.

for nothing that is created was something not discovered. everything that is created is actually only a discovery of something that was already to be known, and it was yet only a matter of awakening the mind into these higher dimensions of thought, that those very ideas could be realized. but the idea was always there. it always existed. it always exists. it is the thing that is Eternal. however how can it be only in occasional moments of mystical insight is this reality remembered?

it is not the Other that is transient, it is You that is transient, and You are this mind, this soul, this consciousness burgeoning to seek to know, to radiate knowingness, to learn, to understand, to grow in force and influence and intensity.

the fundamental key to a permanent anamnesis of the constant that moves the world, that is, IDEAS, must lie in learning how to sustain the mind in such a way without friction and without a sense of atomized separate and temporal existence, feeling that i have only existed for a few score of years and shall die and that is that, no! that is an infant's understanding of how existence IS, for to download the highest of ideas, the mind has to become so intense in its desire to attain gnosis that consciousness becomes as it were superconducting, and suddenly the rails of your own mind can make "track" for the current and frequency of these noblest and most profoundly wise of ideals.

they come brilliantly into focus. and everything is absolutely clear. a feeling that there is no problem whatsoever that cannot be solved. you are at the edge of time, of evolution's product of a certain neural structure that can reflect on itself all the way back to the beginning of time, which just so happens to be now. you are in the middle of eternity. a universal field of radiant blazing consciousness. what you choose to know and see is not even a matter of your own will. however the gravity generated by the false problem creates this desire to attain gnosis, which paradoxically is willful but automatic. spontaneous awakening.

thus, to say you must not seek to be spontaneous is a trap. a trap still otherwise if you give up on being spontaneous. you cannot spontaneuously be spontaneuous. because you're searching for a will where there is none. so you pretend. but that pretending is still also an artefact of the true will. and the true will is solely the fundamental desire by the soul to attain gnosis. who am i. so there is no way to not be spontaneous. but if the mind has not realized itself as a self emanating from a field of universal consciousness and instead is orientated as an atomized temporal self, then spontaneity will always be contrived, and the false self will appear over the true self, even though the true self is still there, the false self doesn't know itself as a pretense.


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