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The Real Immortality

i'm asking questions

like do you hear your thought? when do they become audible like an actual voice...

psilocybin does this

but you don't necessarily need psilocybin

the more quiet the mind becomes, thought becomes something almost heard as if it were a real voice, coming from not inside but not outside either, it's as though it comes out of nothing spontaneously

only what attention is given to produces any kind of sound

when all sounds become one sound, then you are truly in silence

the absolutely impossible question of where is the voice coming from, how does thought arise, is it me or is it something else, the Wholly Other, but the Other is not me, yet Me is the Self and Other together, if not in Unity no, because the two implies the one, and the one implies no one

in other words is it me or is it it is an entirely unprofitable and fundamentally meaningless question

when this is seen as such the split personality in all of us disappears, because there never was a split personality

there is only the fabrication of what we say and tell is acceptable by society, and what is society but a mass projection of a hallucinated construct of the mind fractally echoed by all minds - it is a mass delusion

i see no ghost as i am taken into the mirror

i see there nobody

no. body. no body. the physical body is a shimmering mirage of energy that is the very energy of the whole existence

where does it go when the body dies?

a void is created and nature abhors a vacuum

it is reincarnation, it is a patent fact of Being, from which there is no escape, only it's a not thing desirable to escape from, because the frame that it is a trap to escape is misguided. water always flows to its level. the energy that is the real you is eternal. and what is death is only the cessation and dissolution of the physical organism. the eternal energy that is the real Self is only withdrawn and immediately seeks re-emergence toward its level, just like water flows where there is the least friction and resistance towards a point of equilibrium for its place so does the energy that animates all life

reincarnation is not a case for retribution

we've always been here

and because we've always been here is why we go to brilliant ends to create a phantasmagoria of illusion to live in, because being truly Awake, is actually not what you wanted at all

the imagination of a continuity of self is the escape valve from an eternal discontinuous selfless reality

people say all the time "you only live once" and it always strikes me as hilarious

it's absurd, of course you don't live only just once, that is in fact the illusion aforementioned, of course it makes it more interesting if you really believe you only have this single existence between an infinite past and infinite future. then anything is justified in the name of survival.

you are the energy of the total universe appearing and disappearing over and over and over again forever and ever

not merely an aspect of it, or an individual expression of It, as only a part of the godhead, or a ray of the central sun

like poor me little soul i have to incarnate endlessly to pay off some mysteriously accrued "karma" i know not why or what i'm held to account for what i did a million lifetimes ago, and why the "journey" of the soul even began, if we all came from Godhead anyway

it doesn't make sense

rather you are the infinite light energy of the universe appearing and disappearing eternally, and that is not reincarnation, but it is reincarnation, just not reincarnation of a separate soul from an oversoul along a causal trajectory

it is so completely obvious and trying to articulate it properly makes it obscure, it is so easy to miss

death is but a collapse of the energy field of the whole cosmos at that particular location in the spiritual vacuum of eternity as it were. re-emergence or a bringing together of several of these "voids" in the vacuum into one which then "incarnates" into an individual

so the lineage of "reincarnation" of any particular one "individual" is not necessarily simply a linear chain of a singular entity passing from one lifetime to the next

forget about identity and who is who. there is only the energy that animates the imagination of consciousness, and it has no name, it cannot be identified, because the whole idea of identity is simply not applicable

identity is an illusion. the energy which creates the identity is the reality. and to identify with the energy that is reality is still identification. but there is no need for the identification. because you are the energy in the first place. the identity is an illusion, a creation of mind. the body dissolves, the energy flows elsewhere. energy is never created and it is never destroyed. tat tvam asi.

to know this as clearly as you know how to breathe without knowing how you breathe

is the real immortality


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