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the One Existence

the point of being alive is just being alive

what is has always been and never shall end

what does not exist cannot ever come into existence

nothing is beyond existence

existence is the center of the wheel around which all time revolves

being and non being are undulations of the One and Holy Existence

emergent expressions coming into being and out of being from the ocean of the One Existence

as waves appear and disappear in the ocean

take not identification with the wave unless for fun it is you wish to have in the game of eternal hide and seek

ultimately the identity is the secret of all secrets, the mystery which keeps itself and known only to itself

thou art the One Existence but to say so is already to have compromised its truth

for nothing said by me is unknown to any other one

for what is said by me is known without knowing, heard with hearing, and seen without seeing

the differentiation of the phantasmagoria of the formal dream of being is the outline of the One Existence

boundaries of difference are coterminous with boundaries of unity

there is no unity without difference or difference without unity

Coincidentia Oppositorum - the co-incidence of opposites, altho not actually opposed, but imminent expressions of the poles of the One Existence which constitute the undulation of being and nonbeing

this is the absolute bottom of it all

the difference one feels of being not it, is exactly the same thing as IT, for omniscient eternity is not two with limited temporal existence

tat tvam asi


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