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The Heart Aflame

Bloody sunset over the water,

amber twilight upon your face,

and now beneath the crimson skies,

the chattering oaks quiet to listen.

Silent relief befalls the trees,

and reprieves the heart upon your sleeve,

they patiently listen to all your cries,

your thoughts so loud they pierce the night.

Receive and breathe the timeless silence,

a void divide of peaceful stillness,

serene beauty will sweep your feet,

onto tranquil beds of leaves replete.

Into sleep you’ll drift to find yourself,

without retreat down deep you’ll search,

resist remorse and fear no flame,

for none can burn in their own fire.

The indigo night reveals your beauty,

shining reflected over the water,

at last beneath the violet skies,

you’ve broken free from horror’s daughter.

Alone undone after sunset,

you’ve healed your love for who you are,

and finally let the fire be set,

the water reflects the heart aflame.

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