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The Brilliant Mystery

The Logos transcends language

and therefore can speak through any language.

There is a pristinely shining precision to

the perfect golden-ratio fractal geometry of natural time.

If all is cycles, cycles are patterns recurring within the fabric of this very real

hyperdimensionally glistening and flowing topological manifold of time,

in and of which mind manifests matter

by the singularly divine power of directed and conscious intentional action;

the significator of the existence of consciousness.

Consciousness itself is through and through the primal mover,

the force of the Seeing beyond time. Beyond seer and seen, there is Seeing.

There is no distinction between consciousness and the Divine Imagination.

The mind occludes the clarity of consciously divine imagination -

as imagination is foresight of what Could Be, which in due

course inevitably leads to action bringing about consequent physical manifestation.

Mind is principally Doubt; it is doubt of what Can Be.

So, let go of the mind, and allow the Divine Imagination,

the Brilliant Mystery spinning at the core of all mysteries,

to shine through, creating existence itself;

the illusory dream dreamed by the Immortal Light of Eternity forever and ever and ever.

The mind is the servant of the Divine Imagination.

It is the instrument by which light or energy is transformed into form or matter.

It is not 'out of nothing came nothing', it is truly out of everything comes everything.

Mind inspired by the Seen of the Divine Imagination becomes sacrosanct,

an instrument utilized in highest esteem with absolute respect of its influential power.

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