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Spontaneous Living Intelligence

You must realize that practically 99% of everything we say and project is completely unoriginal. The brain is brilliantly efficient more than you possibly know. It is easier exponentially to speak from memory than it is spontaneously.

By spontaneously is not meant randomly or something put forth that is illogical or nonsensical. By spontaneously is meant sourced from the eternally-now living intelligence that you are - independent of manipulating influences by others wishing to control and to lay claim on you.

It can be difficult to unlearn the habit of mentation to constantly think in terms you did not yourself generate - for only knowledge that is generated on the basis of one's own direct perception is genuine knowledge - the basis for accessing your spontaneous living intelligence.

A dharmic method of returning to it is to forsake all beliefs - give no loyalty over to any particular ideology, philosophy or theology, all of which are basically aspects of ontology - that is, the nature of knowing itself. How do you know what you think you know.

True Complete Unexcelled Awakening is nothing to do with assimilating knowledge. Rather it is the emanation of True Knowledge by Spontaneous Living Intelligence that is Eternally Now that is what is meant by Awakening, a verb not a noun, a process, not a destination.

Memory is not intelligence. Memory requires intelligence, but intelligence doesn't require memory.

Memory is only useful to those who are capable of residing in their own genuine Spontaneous Living Intelligence instead of merely repeating what has been said or heard before. And the more you do that, the more useful is memory in communication and the more memorable you become.

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