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only the hand that erases

why should i become insecure over other people's inability to forget the past and update their perspective to what is happening in the eternal here and now? the fact is i do care what other people think emotionally. but intellectually, i know better. and mystically i know it. therefore here is a self reminder to stop caring what others from your past may think of you, a version of you long since gone and past and dead. it is not my responsibility and obligation to compel others to accept who i am now. if they cannot do that on their own accord then they are not worth knowing.

you are under zero compulsion to perpetuate any particular continuation pattern whatsoever. and you have perfect freedom to change at any moment, to begin a new pattern at any time, to let go of old patterns at any instant. addiction is mythological. there is only now. who is it in this moment that can convince the one in a future moment to decide or not decide. there is only seeing through the eyes of reality now. do not allow yourself to become disturbed that others may not see you as you are now, seeing instead only their outdated image of who you once were but now no longer are.

it's not my problem you will not in good faith see reality for what it is now, relying instead only on memory, which is what you need when you lose your intelligence. because lacking in the ability to learn new things means you have to rely on what you think you already know in the form of memories of a time past that may be long gone and irrelevant to what is happening now. forgetting is as equally if not more important than learning itself. "only the hand that erases can write the true thing." the measure of a mind is determined by the ability to forget as much as the ability to learn, for they are the same ability. this is the genuine essence of what is intelligence.

if you will not try, then i will not try. if you will not have good faith, then i will not have good faith for i cannot stand hypocrisy. i despise it when i misallocate energy. and i will not engage with anyone on any meaningful level unless there is true sincerity to have a real and unmitigated meeting of the minds.


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“The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,

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