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Only Darkness Remains

Lost in the darkness, with no end in sight,

My soul consumed by shadows of the night,

Despair and fear, forever to abide,

With nothing to guide, nowhere to reside,

In this endless abyss, with no way to ascend,

With nothing to hold, nothing to defend.

Deceived by myself, with nowhere to hide,

A broken spirit, with nothing to confide,

Searching for truth, with no way to unfold,

With nothing to hold, nothing to uphold,

In this abyss, with nothing to befriend,

With nothing to guide, nowhere to ascend.

My heart in pain, with nothing to assuage,

In this endless cycle, with no way to disengage,

With no light in sight, nothing to pursue,

With nothing to hold, nothing to imbue,

In this abyss, with nothing to amend,

With nothing to guide, nowhere to ascend.

In this pit of despair, I feel my spirit fray,

As hopelessness consumes, without delay,

Each step I take, the darkness seems to swell,

And I descend further into this personal hell,

Where not even whispers of hope can be found,

In this abyss where despair and sorrow abound.

With every step, my soul begins to fight,

Through shadows and fears, to reach the light,

But hope fades fast, as the darkness tightens,

With nothing left to hold, as the abyss heightens,

Despair takes over, with no way to transcend,

The end now in sight, with nowhere to extend.

My soul now weakened, as the darkness tightens,

The abyss engulfs me, as my spirit frightens,

No escape in sight, no solace to find,

The end draws near, as my fate's resigned,

Forever to dwell in this endless night,

My essence fading, without hope or light.

As I continue on, my very being starts to fade,

The darkness consuming, all that I once portrayed,

My memories vanish, as does my resolve,

In this abyss where no hope can evolve,

Engulfed by despair, my spirit consumed,

A lifeless husk, forever entombed.

In the deepest void, there's nothing to grasp,

No solace, no comfort, not even a gasp,

My existence wanes, as the darkness devours,

My final moments, these desperate hours,

In this abyss, where only sorrow resides,

An eternal fate, where despair presides.

The end now approaches, as I succumb,

To the darkness that binds, that has overrun,

No hope for respite, no chance of reprieve,

My soul now shattered, nothing left to believe,

In this abyss, I relinquish my fight,

Accepting my fate, in this eternal night.

In this endless night, with nothing to subdue,

My soul now gone, with nothing to eschew,

A new life born, with no hope to renew,

In this abyss, forever to be consumed,

By the darkness that surrounds, with no way to resume,

The end now complete, with nothing to assume.

And so it ends, as my soul disappears,

The abyss triumphant, confirming my fears,

No hope, no light, only darkness remains,

As my essence dissolves, and nothing sustains,

In this realm of despair, I am no more,

A lost soul consumed, forevermore.

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