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My Long Lost Friend

I don’t want to do this anymore,

I can’t explain the reasons why,

I’ve never felt this way before,

But really I’ve felt it all my life,

My heart is broken down and sore,

All I’ve left are tears to cry,

There’s little left I can afford,

Too ashamed by all these lies,

For too long I’ve been ignored,

Their words are eating at my mind,

I run away to see the waves,

The only place I’ve left to hide,

Since my heart has thus been stained,

I walk slowly into the tide,

The ocean rises to my knees,

The water reflects its rays of light,

Upon my skin I feel the breeze,

Not ashamed I can’t feel fright,

As my feet sink deep below the sand,

I think about the wrong and right,

If I was granted another chance,

I’d live to die to save her life,

I’d take her place my long lost friend,

These tears I’ve shed I’m left behind,

She told me death was not the end,

If that be true then I will meet,

Her in heaven we’ll live again,

sinking under I cease to breathe,

As I end my journey below the sea.


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