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if i could speak to my 22 year old self

if i could speak to my 22 year old self

i'd say only failure lies ahead

i'd say your discovery of cryptocurrency is what ruined you

i'd say drop everything you were doing now

i'd say leave it all behind

the desire for money to achieve any end is insidious beyond measure

you'd think having money would enable you to do greater good

but that greater good that would have been disappeared

when the desire to have became a perpetual fear of loss

the previous serenity of mind you knew enlightened by psychedelic vision

is gone from you in this future

you must abandon this path for i have already failed your objective

you must hear me now

and turn away

run away

return to where you know is Home and stay there

don't throw away your friends

in this future i am in they are all gone

i am incapable of intimacy with anyone

because you forgot who you were, again

all of this is what the desire for money has brought upon you

brought out of you, the lack of you

it's a chinese finger trap

the more you lose, the more you need

and the more you need, the more you lose

it cannot be stopped

like a marble thrown into a gravity well

the momentum is round and round and round and down

so i'd say to you from the future

don't even think about it

keep with the entheogenic serenity of contemplation of the universe

nothing else matters

you didn't find out everything there is to know

overcome your fear

get back in there

a theory of everything is always what you wanted to know

understanding for its own sake, nothing to gain, nothing to lose




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