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Home of the Mind

Blinded by smoke that’s blackened the clouds,

Darkness floods the land covered in crowds,

Bodies law everywhere dead deaf to the sounds,

Products of a layman’s bargain unrestrained by bounds.

Mothers on their knees soaked in puddles of tears,

A brother’s outrage of it the worst of her fears,

After war’s initiation no one excuses innocence,

I’m guilty before I’m born according to the Christians.

Suppressed by religion it governs literally all,

By wars battled for thousands of years as its root cause,

Praying by their hands and fighting a fantasy,

Confusing traditional concepts with familiar fact and theory.

The faithful are soldiered volunteers readily stepping forward,

Each with an ultimate goal to take over the world,

I’m right you’re wrong is the essence of religious gleams,

It’s inherited and perpetuated through our children’s night dreams.

The fear of punishment shakes the mind with instability,

It confines a thinker’s capacity to speculate reality,

Where upon the dullness floats like a giant ice sheet,

Hardly melting barely moving never proceeding to think.

I possess in my head a machine more powerful than design,

Inside every one of us there is the home of the mind,

It can contemplate its own existence inside the universe,

It can fashion a language into rhyming meter and verse.

To delve like a bird’s first flight into our imaginations,

We plunge into the deepest mysteries using science and reason,

They desire happy meaning so they turn to prayer fast,

But only few ask questions most dare never to ask.

We are all connected bound by time and gravity,

Consistent structures of life of marvelous complexity,

Unlimited brilliant intellect is hidden behind the eyes,

Too often untapped potential rests inside the home of the mind.


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