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Genesis is Now

Unwind, unwind the mind interwined with time,

it is impossible to lose thyself, for the self

is a construct of Mind, and thou art Mind,

the builder of the House of self Mind is.

When the thought is tried upon it is lost,

for mind is lost in the House of its fantasy.

Release the grip on what you seek to obtain,

what you must have or else peace must not be

for the object of the House of self that is Desire

can never be permanently and bottomlessly sated.

To know it can never be stood under and lifted forever high

is the meaning of what it is to truly Understand.

It is the fantasy that entertains a delusional end in sight

as the Truth eternally incandescent emergent of the void

shines brilliantly forever needing no confirmation nor approval.

That-that-that! is the Mental Network of the Cosmic Spacemind.

So unwind the mind compulsively engaged with cyclic time

and regain the awareness of the background to Form, of what is

the origin of the eternal, the vast incomprehensitude of IT!

from which all flows and beckons and returns unto,

the Singularity that did not happen in the past, nor happening

some time hence, but is here-Now snapping the entire

existence into Infinite Being, Infinite Infinite Infinite!

The Singularity is Now! and Mind begets this Eternity.

Genesis is Now, the Mind is Incarnate.

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