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Eternal Architect

is the universe driven by a purpose.

if it is, then for what design intention in mind.

is the purpose the decree of a tyrant

demanding fealty to its mighty force of power.

or is purpose uncontrived spontaneous intelligence,

an organic amoral process of beginningless complexity.

what is the nature of the purpose that must be if we insist a purpose must exist

for all things to be and beings such as we to believe we have a trajectory.

is it evolutionarily useful or isn't it.

what is this insistence that what fulfills evolutionary destiny in so called success or survival

is having fulfilled a purpose.

a purpose created in the past and fulfilled in the future.

a purpose is a design intention.

design intention implies a designer.

what is the nature of the designer.

to design is designation, selective discrimination between possibilities to formalize

an immediate and final collapse of the possible into the formal reality of what is actually going on.

of the formless into the formal is the nature of the generation of information.

the universe is code. except the question is

who is the architect of this code, constituted by ever continually refined and increasingly self-organized information.

is it possible code can be generated by itself.

is it possible the designer is the design.

there is not the designer outside of the design,

anymore than I exist outside my body moving it around.

the body is in me, I am not the body, yet the body is me.

It is the emergent expression of I myself,

even though I myself may also exist at subtler and finer etheric layers dimensionally beyond the body,

but which is also the source of the energy or life of the body.

If the designer is the designed, whatever laws of nature, or whatever the nature of existence,

the purpose of it is only known to itself through your eyes now.

the universal I blinks once, and I have lived a lifetime.

existence springs from nothingness into being infinitely many times a moment.

now contains before. now includes after.

it is a coherent unity that is a perfection

too impossibly extraordinary and impossible and obvious to contemplate.

absolutely nothing can be said about it.

it is the rai·son d'ê·tre of its self.

i am my own reason for being.

no justification, no rationalization, no compensation, no salvation.

eternal architect.


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