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ending death

you know really what the hell is survival for

this is pointless

going on doing the same thing over and over again

we must find the way to become energy independent

evolve to a point where we can live on electricity

by ending the biologically driven directionality towards senescence - there is no rule writ large that that should or should not happen

all religious bases for the justification of the evil of immortality are intellectually bankrupt

by ending death, can you even imagine what will people be religious about then

if you want to be spiritual about it, you could say that actually it is not death that the awakening is, but rather the awakening is in attainment of immortality, for only in immortality is the cycle of incarnation ended. dependency upon other forms of life to live to go on in the name of survival... for what? why? what's the point? all we are doing is going round and round literally forever. why can't i have a synthetic body powered by electromagnetic connection with the zero point energy field of the infinite universe? there is something grotesque about the physical consumption of other living things. when you look at humans on the food chain, we're basically apex predator on this planet. we kill absolutely everything. we consume anything. we toxify the environment. we are an absolute cancer upon the earth, all because we have not solved the fundamental problem of energy, that is, how to "survive" without having to depend on killing something else to go on living ourselves. it is not immoral. but it is an artefact of evolution, but we can take control of evolution, we can take control of our own source code, we can find a way to change ourselves, powering ourselves without killing other living things, that i think is the real spiritual attainment. ending the notion once and for all of "survival" as the raison d'etre of existence. it isn't. ending death is ending survival is truly waking up.

transcendence of death goes beyond acceptance of death


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