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Clear Light of the Void

Every moment in time is reflected in every other moment in time.

The past, present, and future are in perfect resonance, symbiotically locked together into a unity within the innermost dimension of being, which is a state of completion and wholeness.

It is a conditionless eternity - the omnipresent realm of pure space in which truth means clarity.

Time is an infinitely sided diamond.

Each side represents a moment.

Within the mirror of each moment is captured and reflected every other moment reflected within this diamond of infinite sides.

The possibility of death exists only in the construct of this temporal diamond.

That is to say, within an infinite spectrum of time composed of infinite moments.

Those moments are only mirrors of all the other moments (mirrors) within the temporal diamond.

What exists in the middle space at the heart center of the infinitely sided diamond of time?

Eternity, beyond the cycle of life and death.

The void, mother nothingness, space.


The heart of time is timeless.

Know thyself eternal for know thyself space.

Thou art the clear light of the void.

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