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A Mystic's Lament

Stanza 1

1. The longer you go with a scattered mind,

2. The longer it will take to recombine.

3. Through the maze of memory, no peace to find,

4. Beyond the zenith of life, in twilight we're chained.

5. Heart's tapestry torn despair remains unexplained

6. Lost in the chasm, time unkind.

Stanza 2

7. The echoes of joy now but a ghostly wind,

8. The echoes return as sorrow, unconfined.

9. In the mirror of mind reflections rescind,

10. Once vibrant colors, now to gray assigned.

11. Life's symphony muted notes - intertwined

12. In the silence profound we are resigned.

Stanza 3

13. The dreams of youth, like sand, pass through our hands,

14. The dreams dissolve in the hourglass of time unplanned.

15. In the theatre of thought, no play withstands,

16. The curtain falls, on an empty stage we stand.

17. Hope's flame extinguished in darkness

18. Adrift in the void on shadows we land.

Stanza 4

19. The dance of days, a waltz with fleeting grace,

20. The dance ends, leaving but a hollow space.

21. In the gallery of grief, no solace to trace,

22. Portraits of the past, in sorrow we encase.

23. Love's garden withered despair interlace

24. Lost in the labyrinth time's cruel embrace.

Stanza 5

25. The laughter of love, a forgotten song,

26. The laughter fades, in silence we belong.

27. In the book of being, pages bear the stain,

28. The story stilled, in stillness we gain.

29. Joy's jewel shattered pain does sustain

30. In the abyss of absence, lifelong detained.

Stanza 6

31. The promise of potential, a phantom's tease,

32. The promise broken, in brokenness we seize.

33. In the prism of pain, no colors appease,

34. The spectrum shattered, we fall on our knees.

35. Hope's horizon disappears - in despair's disease

36. IN the vastness of the void, there is no release.


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I am nothing more than a passing ghost through the dream you call life.


“The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,

Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit

Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,

Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.”

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