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When you want to fall apart,

when you feel untogether,

and all you can hear is your heart

screaming to live forever…

You wonder what’s the point?

if your life is soon to fade,

you wonder how to sleep,

if you’ll soon slip into shade.

But all you can do is wait,

until you discover hope.

So tread your path with feeling,

as you wonder where to go.

And when you want to understand,

feeling like you’re lost,

as though you need another hand,

to help you melt the frost,

and you wonder how to find,

that long lost way back home -

Find a time in moments,

when it seems there is hope,

recall to keep it frozen,

in mind for memory’s scope.

Time will never fade away,

but from humans it escapes,

there’s no mystery in living,

if were damned to live forever…

Our lives are only sacred,

because we’ll one day fade away.

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