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Vitamin K2

Why is Vitamin K2 important?

Vitamin K2 tells your body what to do with calcium. When Vitamin K2 levels are adequate, calcium goes into your bones and teeth where it belongs. When Vitamin K2 levels are inadequate, calcium can deposit in soft tissues like arteries, kidneys, and the gum-line, where it can cause problems.

Why do I need supplements?

Vitamin K2 is found naturally in pungent foods that are out of favor these days, like liver, sauerkraut, fermented soybeans (natto), and soured milk. With those foods no longer in our diet, many people need to supplement their Vitamin K2 intake.

What types of Vitamin K2 do I need?

MK-4 and MK-7, both essential for good health, are distributed differently and activate different proteins in the body. MK-4 supports normal brain function, and can travel across the placenta to benefit the developing fetus. MK-7, which goes to work in the bones, is longer acting.

Experience the Full-Spectrum advantage.

Unlike many other Vitamin K2 supplements, InnovixLabs' Full-Spectrum Vitamin K2 contains both MK-4 and MK-7 (in its easily-absorbed TRANS form). Each small, easy-to-swallow pill packs in 500 micrograms of MK-4 and 100 micrograms of TRANS MK-7.


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